You’re Safe With Us Now

Art by Shivani Nellore
Writing by Erika Acosta
Hush, darling child, for the dark is your friend
The raven’s black feathers to you they will tend
Our shadows will shroud you, a gentle caress
And all of your worries, we’ll want to possess

Hush, darling child, for there’s nothing to fear
We have not the pain you don’t want to hold near
We’ll be your protection if you let yourself in
And rid of the light that you own deep within

Hush, darling child, for you’re safe with us now
And all that we ask is you keep this one vow
Cede to our shadows, denounce all the light
Relinquish your reason, surrender your sight

Hush, darling child, for you’re one with the dark
Black runs your blood, now it’s claimed by our mark
Rest, now you’ve nothing to fear or hide from
Save for the creature we’ve made you become