Velocity | Worm’s Eye View


Annette Seo

Worm’s Eye View

Katherine Wei
Zipper of paths crossing and unwinding—
find it on the fly of your jeans, the one with sticky teeth
grilled with pedestrian’s strewn ums and ahs.
Footprint patterns become still kaleidoscopes
imprinted on the sidewalk, coughing up
a cacophonous capsule of our crap.
Bodiless, omnidirectional limbs, soft in the flesh of morning
with cologne and deodorant smeared across steel plate grates:
a hopscotch littered throughout the city.
The underbelly of New York are the words lost in trans-
action, and camera, lights, but even then,
we cycle and recycle, decode life by chump change.
“6 degrees of connection” hums the neon soothsayer
while Speed says meet me at the intersection to Velocity,
while we all keep asking 
for directions.