Set Upon My Sunrise

Art by Elyssa Chou
Writing by Lebopo Sebusang

Your warm kisses danced lightly atop my cheek. Part greeting, part apology that soon your arms would be caressing many more… that you belonged to many more than just me. I silently watched you rub your sleepy eyes and stretch your arms out to the horizon, as the skies beckon you seductively.

Their darkness transformed against the gold of your skin. Blues, pinks and oranges weaved a kaleidoscopic masterpiece, a Joseph’s coat adorning the arms that had just draped my own. And like the twinkle in your eye, the dance was over.

A pharaoh of skies, you placed yourself on your throne and began your ascent. Just like times and times before, you looked over your shoulder and winked at me with a sly smile on your face. And like every time before that you set my heart on fire.

I would make time pause for you, my darling. If I could, I would.

Artist’s note: I wanted to use exaggerated colors and unblended strokes to capture the raw feeling of a moment too perfect to last. My goal was to make the style reminiscent of an unfinished sketch from life that captures vague forms and gestures but is too wrapped up in the experience of seeing to worry about refining small details. I also deliberately avoided filling entire space with color because, although the piece describes a moment, it seems more about a lover’s inevitable absence than their current presence, so I wanted the bare paper to communicate as much as the marks I put on the page.