Rethinker | the 5 Ws


Yoni Perla

the 5 Ws

Mia Yang
who has left me to the devices of my own mind?
             not everything is
             black and white, sure, but
             (sometimes) i am afraid—
what will crawl out of the ashes 
             of my thoughts, and
where can one even hide 
             in the dark?
when i am still chasing shadows
             down to crossed wires, oh,
why do i always have to
             think it over (twice)?

             there is a light coming from the end of the tunnel
             or maybe it’s been shining in my eyes all along
             it’s not like i didn’t know it was there but
             if i look now, it’ll blind me)

             inevitably i wander,
             inevitably i wonder:
how lonely is it, to be alone?