My Bits, My Pieces | Ellipsis

My Bits, My Pieces

Lily Sutton


Chuqi Zheng
What if all you had to worry about were the small details
Like feeling cool raindrops disappear into your hair 
Or wondering if every plate and cup will fit in the dishwasher
The best way to cut a mango 
And not the wraith called life dogging your every step 

What if you never had to worry at all 
Never feel your heart simultaneously fly and free fall 
Disintegrating and slipping through your fingers like shards of glass
Red sand that suffocates and blinds and chokes
And scatters so far you can never hope to piece yourself together again

What if you could truly understand yourself from the inside out
See the dyed dots under the microscope 
The microglia and lymphocytes and platelets and osteocytes
The building blocks of happy moments and invisible tears
Your proudest achievements and most heartbreaking failures 

What if you never had to choose between head and heart
If mathematical logic could bleed into capricious emotion
If black lines on white paper could always translate into a symphony

What if it were more than a what if?