From the Ashes | You’re Free With Us Now

From the Ashes

Shivani Nellore

You’re Free With Us Now

Erika Acosta
There, darling child, in the darkness of night
You shudder in fear and you tremble in fright
The coldness of shadows creeps up through your veins
You’re frozen in ashes, in frozen remains

Come, darling child, we are here as your guide
We’ll free you from shadows that crept deep inside
We’ll set off the sparks that will keep your heart warm
And our flames will thaw you from that icy storm

Fly, darling child, for you’re free with us now
We’ve promised you fire, and we keep our one vow
Here are your wings and your feathers of flame
Rise with the dawn, and take pride in our claim

Blaze, darling child, see how bright you can glow
How high you can fly, and how hot the flames grow
Let them consume, let your wings make you soar
Burn with the fire till it burns you once more